How Can I Analyze The Quality Of My Voice?


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Although you hear yourself speak every day you do not hear yourself as others hear you. The vibrations your voice sets up in your body make it have a different sound to you than it has for others who hear only the sound that comes to them through the air. If you have never heard your voice on a high-fidelity tape recording you would most likely be greatly surprised if you were to hear it. Usually a person, upon hearing a recording of his voice for the first time, will say in disbelief: "I don't sound like that!"
So to hear yourself as others really hear you, make a tape recording of your voice in situations that include conversation, reading aloud and a public talk, if you have an occasion to give one. See if the voice you hear reflects the personality you feel you have. Note whether it is pleasant and easy to listen to, if it is sufficiently loud or too loud, if the tones and words clear, if the range of pitch wide enough, if it sounds affected and if it is a voice you would like to listen to. After hearing it you will be better able to determine what to work on for improvement.

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