What Do You Know About The Terms Offers And Quotations?


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Both the terms "Offers" and "Quotations" convey the same meaning, but there is a slight difference between the two. Quotation is supplied in reply to an inquiry. An offer can be made to a large number of customers in the form of general terms and in the form of printed circular letter. A specific offer to a particular article in question is sent to the needed person only.

An offer may be valid only for a specific lime. An order sent on the basis of an offer will be accepted at the specified price and conditions and within the specified time only, because prices and availability of goods may be changed due to many reasons-market fluctuations, scarcity of goods, increase in duty, etc. Offers are not only sent through letters, but even made known to the buyers through advertisements in newspapers. If the manufacturer will advertise his products, he will meet all the expenses. If in any local newspapers such an advertisement is made along with the name of the retailer or agent, the expenses for such an advertisement may be shared by the retailer and agent.

Quotation is sent against an enquiry. It contains all the information of the product. Every efficient businessman should see that an enquiry letter carries him an order when it is responded.

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