How Is The U.S. Senate Unique In Many Respects?


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The most powerful Second Chamber on earth ; the powers vested in the Senate and functions performed by it not only make it more powerful than the lower House, but also make it the most powerful second Chamber of the world. According to Prof. Lindsay Rogers, the American Senate is "the most remarkable invention of modern times." Prof.  Laski regarded it as the sole effective Federal Chamber of the U.S.A. F.J. Haskin has rightly remarked.    "There are things which the President and the Senate may do without the House of Representatives and the things which the House and the Senate may do without the assent of the President, yet the House and the President can do comparatively a little without the assent of the Senate." Truly speaking no second Chamber in the world enjoys the authority as enjoyed by the Senate in the United States.    The members of the Senate are elected directly. This thing has deprived the House of Representatives of its claim to superiority that it is a popular Chamber. The Senate is now as representative or popular as the House. In fact, the Senate has a distinct advantage over the House in this respect, because a member of House of Representatives represents his constituency only whereas Senators together represent a whole State.

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