Is Coaching Necessary For Students?


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According to me, coaching is necessary in every field of life, because it means that some one guides you for a specific field in a specific manner. I think that at the beginning of your work, if a proper guidance will be there, it will be helpful for the new person to move a head. A coach is the person who motivates you, who encourages you and builds confidence in yourself to achieve the goal. A coach can better tell you about the advantages or disadvantages of any subject, which is totally new for you.
Coaching is required in every field of life; it may be sports, schooling or jobs etc.
If any organization has the coaching availability for the employees, a chance for better performance will be always there. There must be coaching section before and after any assessment. In the first section, the winning techniques or the winning strategy should be discussed and after the completion, the faults or the problems should be under discussion.
If you are going in the sports field, you should need a coach. A coach is the person who can tell you the rules and make you fit for that game. Therefore, we always see a coach in every team for the directions of the game.
So we need a coaching section in all fields under the supervision of a trained and experience person for the proper guidance.
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Coaching is not necessary if the student has determination and perseverance. It is very important to have self confidence. However, if the student has not understood the concepts then he can join coaching for better understanding .

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