How Many Questions Are In Ca Cdl Commercial Written Test?


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Depends on what permits you are trying to get doubles,triples,hazardous,bulk(tanker),glass. On the test they gave me you could choose what sections you tested for or should I say the materials that related to the job you would most likely be getting. I don't know how california does their testing but I would say it probably is not much different than here.since you have to observe the same laws when driving and handling tractor trailer rig.this all I know. It's really not that hard.the one I took was all done on the computer and only took about 40 minutes from start to finish.I still think the actual training/or probation period should be twice as long as it is in most states.and I think the new drivers should be put together with a trainer for that period of time so the new guys can learn all the ins and outs of trip planning and routing before being let loose on their own route.just my opinion.

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