How Did Analytic Geometry Provide A Valuable Tool For Scientists?


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Analytic geometry, also known as Cartesian as well as coordinate geometry, is different in the sense that to study geometry, it takes the help of principles of algebra. The significant feature of this analytic geometry is that it allows us to study the equation in two and at times even three dimensions as well using the coordinates. So we can say that the input is an equation with different variables and that equation can be represented as a shape such as a straight line on the coordinates. Analytic geometry served as a tool that helped in the development of other applications like determining vector space, solving problems related to distance, obtaining the dot and cross products. Analytic geometry has been applied in various other fields of sciences especially physics. It also developed the concept of plotting graphs and determining where two lines intersect. It also served as the base in the development of another branch of mathematics known as “Calculus”. The practical example of analytical geometry is in navigation as the concept of latitude and longitude was developed using this branch of mathematics.

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