Why Did Beethoven Write Moonlight Sonata?


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"Moonlight" sonata did get it's present name until after
Beethoven's death. It was originally composed in 1801 with the title “Quasi una
fantasia” and dedicated to Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, who was one of
Beethoven's students. He proposed marriage to Giulietta, and she was willing,
but her father nixed the idea, calling Beethoven a mediocre musician with no
backing and no future.

“Quasi una fantasia” was immensely popular during
the composer's lifetime, somewhat to his irritation. He wrote to his contemporary,
Czerny, that "Surely I have written better pieces."

In 1836, German music critic, Ludwig Rellstab
wrote that the sonata reminded him of the reflected moonlight off Lake Lucerne.
Moonlight Sonata has became the best-known title of the sonata.

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