What Were Some Major Accomplishments Of The Reform Movements In The Area Of Education In The United States?


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To foster a prosperous and democratic nation, it was immensely necessary for the people of the United States to be well-educated and well-informed about national issues and whatever problems had been taking place in the country. But this could only have been possible if the education system of the United States was promising enough to nurture and produce future citizens who were experts in all fields of society. The outset of the reform movements in the area of education was marked by a law that was passed by New York, which made it a requirement for all children to attend elementary schools. This law was passed in the year 1820.

Moreover a man named Horace Mann played a great role in educational reforms in the United States. He did the same for Massachusetts what the law passed in 1820 did for New York, requiring children to attend school. Furthermore he emphasized on the fact that schools were in need of well-trained teachers. For that purpose, there were about three colleges that offered teacher training workshops. In addition to that, Noah Webster contributed to the educational reforms by writing the first ever American dictionary. All of these contributions and many other ones helped to rise the standard of education in the United States.

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