Why Is America A Super Power?


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It is said that a genuine superpower does not only have military or political influence, but it also must be at the top of the economic, scientific, and cultural pyramids. Recent speculation says that the US economy is plummeting. All else is still in good standing though. The US created original consumer brands that are household names worldwide such as; Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Microsoft, Google. I am in Afghanistan and I still can have a Coke if I want to. The US military has the ability to wage wars anywhere across the globe. No other country currently is even near having the ability to project military power with such force and range. The US also has universities that top students worldwide aspire to attend. 17 of the world's top 20 universities are located in the US. Americans are leaders in the entertainment business as well. American music and movies are pirated all over the world! This is why they are considered a superpower....Hope this helps a little bit.
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Because USA is termed as " The State of Opportunity ". USA always regards the talent and provides it every possible means to get on the top of respective field. Whatever is your country, religion or color , if you are talented America will welcome you. Just take the example of many American Scientists who changed the fate of America by their inventions; majority of them were not born in America.

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Because they have a big army and have a very big economy.
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