Is Plus Size Modelling A Positive Or Negative Influence?


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Calling it Plus Size Modelling I believe is a negative influence. At what point does a person become a Plus Size Model? Just call it modelling, and set the standards that you want of the applicant. I don't think we should force businesses to include plus size models.

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Plus size modeling can be either positive or negative depending on several factors. A plus size woman with decent self-esteem will view a plus size model and think, "She looks great! So do I!". On the other hand, a plus size female with low self esteem might look at a plus size model smaller than herself and think, "Wow. She's a plus size model and I'm larger than her. She's so beautiful and I'm a loser".      Another point to consider is how plus size models affect the self-esteem of the average female. As you probably know, most plus size models are size 10-12 and in all honesty, that's not truly "plus size". The average size female in the U.S. Is a size 14, so she may become discouraged that even though she's on the small end of the plus sizes, clothing created for her is being modeled on someone a bit smaller. It's almost like the fashion industry is saying they want you to purchase their clothing but someone your size is really to fat to showcase the fashions.    In conclusion, I must say that it depends on the person viewing the image as to whether it makes a positive and negative influence. With so many factors to consider, it's nearly impossible to make an accurate decision. Whether positive or negative influences are created, plus size modeling is a trend that's here to stay since the plus size population seems to be increasing, I definitely hope people can be accepting of models of any size. Afterall, we as human beings are created in all shapes and sizes. Variety is the spice of life, right?

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