What Are The Duties Of People On A Preschool Committee?


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A huge amount.

In some preschools, committee members may be required to help out running some sessions (physically present and interacting with children).

In addition, many preschools (formerly "playgroups") are registered charities. This means that they must conform to many regulations required by the Charitities Commission. If the association is an unincorporated charity, the management committee members are trustees for the preschool. This makes them responsible for all aspects of management of the facility. That includes finances, personell management (including vetting staff for suitability to work with children), supervision of obligations to conform with Ofsted requirements, procurement of equipment and supplies, adherance to health and safety regulations. Negligence in any of these areas can leave the trustees open to liability, although the practicalities of pursuing damages (it's very expensive and can take years to obtain a result) to some extent protects the trustees. One advantage of being a registered charity is that trustees cannot be held responsible for financial lossses incurred by the charity unless personal neglience can be proven.

Most preschool associations have a constitution with its own requirements, as well. Aspects of leasehold or owning a building can add extra burdens to the generally untrained, unqualified and inexperienced volunteers who comprise most community preschool committees.

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