Suppose That A Daughter Of A Mother Without The Allele And A Father With The Allele Marries A Man With Hemophilia. What Is The Probability That The Daughter's Children Will Develop The Disease? Describe How You Determined The Probability.


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Well, what I'd do...
Since you said the father of the daughter has the allele rather than has hemophilia the allele is most likely recessive...
So, since the mother of the daughter doesn't have the allele, the mothers genotype would be HH (H being normal, h being the hemophilia allele) and the father of the daughter does have the allele without having the disorder, his genotype is Hh.
Therefore, since the daughter inherits one allele from each parent, she has a 75% of having the genotype HH and a 25% chance of having the genotype Hh.
If the father has the disorder, and the allele for hemophilia is recessive there's a 100% probability he has the genotype hh.
If the daughter has the genotype HH, there's a 0% chance the child would develop the disorder. If she has the genotype Hh there's still only a 50% chance their child would inherit the disorder.
Therefore, if my maths is right, you'd do 25 X 50 / 100 = 12.5%. So there is a 12.5% chance the couples children would have a child with the disorder.

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