An empty density bottle weighs 30g.when completely filled with water,it weighs 75g and when completely filled with liquid x weighs 65g. Calculate the density of liquid x And Volume of density bottle?


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Atul Chhotray answered
Mass of water in the bottle = Mass of bottle with water - Mass of empty bottle
                                      = 75 -30 = 45g.

Under standard conditions, density of water is 1 g/cm^3.
Hence, volume of water in the bottle = volume of empty bottle = 45 g / cm^3.

Mass of liquid x = 65 - 30 = 35 grams

Density = Mass / Volume = 35 / 45 =0.778 g / cm^3
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Duane Bryant answered
If the water is at standard temperature pressure, then weight in grams = volume in ml  Subtract weight of bottle from weight with water and that gives you volume of bottle and weight of water.  Subtract weight of bottle from weight with liquid X and that gives weight of liquid X.  Divide that by volume of bottle and that gives you density.

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