How Do You Crochet?


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In crochet there are two types of crossed treble; back and front.

To do the back crossed treble:-
1. Put even number of stitches on the hook.
2. Row 1 In the second chain from hook do a single crochet on all the stitches.
3. Row 2 Make four chains. *Skip one stitch and make a treble crochet in next stitch. Put the yarn over the hook two times and slip the hook behind the current treble crochet and then insert the hook from front to back in skipped stitch. Finish the treble crotchet. Repeat from * to the end. Make a single treble crochet in the last stitch of the row to get an even finish.
4. Repeat Row 3 to make a pattern.

To do the front crossed treble:-
1. Put even number of stitches on the hook.
2. Row 1 In the second chain from hook do a single crochet on all the stitches.
3. Row 2 Make four chains. *Skip one stitch and make a treble crochet in next stitch. Work treble crotchet in skipped stitch by crossing hook in front of current treble crotchet. Repeat from * across the row and repeat Row 3 as many times as needed to make a square.
This stitch looks more like an extended V or Y than X.
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You begin by making a slip knot.

Place the hook inside the loop of the slip knot.

The first step to any crochet project is to make a chain.

You make a chain by doing a "yarn over" or (yo) as it is abbreviated in crochet. After you "yarn over" you pull the yarn through the loop on the crochet hook. Doing this repeatedly, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through, creates a chain.

Once the chain is made the basic stitches: Double, single, treble crochet are all made by a variation of the yarn over and pull through pattern. These stitches are created by working off the initial chain.
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This is the best site online to help you learn:
Lots of videos so real easy to understand.
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The word crochet is a derivative of the Middle French word "croc" or "croche", which means "hook." It refers to the process of making fabric from a length of yarn, cord or thread with a hooked tool.

As a novice, one should learn the process of making a pattern row and single stitch crocheting. Follow this procedure to make a crochet product

• Hold the crochet hook and create a slipped knot on the hook.
• Slip the hooked yarn to the slipped knot of the hoot. This process will start a progressive stitch or a chain of stitches. Bring the yarn back on the top of the hoop, making the thread go into the hook and then grip the slip knot into the hook.
• Pass on the first chain stitch, allowing the knot to be correctly hooked on the knot of the thread. This allows the thread to be held securely in the place.
• Insert the hook to the slit of the next chain stitch, and then slip the yarn moving through the middle of the second chain stitch going to the top part of the hook. In this way, you will have made two loops on the hook of the threads.
• Bring the yarn back on the hook from the back to front and slip the knot in the centre of the loop that was created on the hook.
• Through the second loop, make another one chain stitch to make a counter clock wise loop. This makes the hook remain in the chain stitches. Begin by creating the subsequent rows, making the same loops as on the previous rows.
• Make a single crochet stitch in the first loop and tighten it before going to the next loops of the preceding rows. Ensure that you create the hook on the last stitch to retain the stitches on their places.

To complete your crochet work, remove the excess yarn. Remember to retain at least six inches of the thread on the last chain stitch.
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Starwin: Thank you for the comment on how to crochet. It seems to be more understanable to me than others. I know how to knit and I have been wanted to crochet.

I appreciate it.

Thanks again

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Crochet begins by placing a running knot loop on the hook and then pulling another loop through the first loop. This procedure is continued till a chain of suitable length is created. The chain is either worked in rounds by joining end-to-end or is turned and worked in rows. By working many stitches in a single loop, a round can be created. Stitches are usually made by pulling loops through each loop of the chain. One loop is left on the hook at the end of a stitch. At the completion of a stitch, there could be multiple loops on the hook. Knitting is different from crochet as it is made up of loops made with a single hook, secured only when the free end is pulled through final loop.

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