"I Have To Go. Bye!" He Said. Should The "He" Be Capitalized?


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I Capitalize Every Word I Write.. So Guess I'm Quirky.. I've  Done That Since I Was 9.. People Always  Ask Me Why I Do This.  I Just Say I Don't  Know  I Just Do. I've Written That Way In My Journal For Years As Well.. Teachers Tried To Stop  Me.. My Parents Tried . But I'm Not Going To..  I'm Too Used To It I Guess. I Wonder How Many Other People Do This?
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This is amazing..that you do this naturally..however a word of caution. Writing for your journal is OK but if you are writing for ohers to read you should, I believe learn the convention so that people can better understand based on thier experience with grammer. Some may find it distracting and loose the wisdom of your thoughts.
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No both  "I have to go bye", he said. And "I have to go bye", He said. Are grammatically correct. I think. Niether one shows up as a grammer error in MicroSoft Word.
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This is the absolute truth, I know this for sure:
It should be: "I have to go. Bye!" he said. If there is an exclamation point, there shouldn't be a comma. If there was no exclamation point, only a period, then it would look like "I have to go. Bye," he said.
The H is not capitalized. I would know, writing and punctuation is my passion.
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Yup. If there was a comma instead of a "!", then there would be no capitalization because the comma tells you that the former sentence has not yet ended. The fact that there is a ! Tells you that the former sentence has already ended, so if you don't capitalize the "H" in HE, it would be like not capitalizing the first letter of ANY sentance. Sorry, that was too long...hehe hope it somehow helped buddy
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Redhead28 is correct.  There should be a comma and he is not capitalized.
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No there should be a comma after the quotations and the he is regular letter
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I don't think so.  I've never capitalized the he in a sentence with an ! In quotes, just because the sentence wasn't really over at the quotes.  I'm not sure, exactly, but I don't think so. =)
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Basically no..Why? Because it is one sentence only. You just quoting only  what he said..So, you must write it like this: "I have to go. Bye!",he said.
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He Can Dance If He Wants To.Everyone Do The Safety Dance. : ) depends on if your sticking to strict grammar or if you are trying to draw attention to each word.or maybe the word "He" could be capitalized say for special attention in a script(for a action sequence or signal say for something else to happen in a scene to remind a cast member).depends on what your asking  and the purpose of the letter H being capitalized.or say I am writng a book or message to someone who has a hard time reading regular sized letters and they need the letters to be oversized no matter the context.so I guess it depends on where "your" reading this sentence with "He" capitalized in it.just my opinion.LET'S PUT IT THIS WAY IF YOU CAN READ IT AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS SAID/MEANT TYPED/WRITTEN IN THE SENTENCE THEN IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER EXCEPT TO SOME WHO ARE STUCK IN THE MIND SET THAT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE IN PERFECT ORDER FOR THEM TO ACCEPT IT. : ) HA! NOW THAT'S FUNNY. THE IMPERFECT WANTING EVERYONE ELSE TO BE PERFECT. JUST POKING FUN AT SOME PEOPLE I KNOW. : ). The short answer is if you are sticking to taught grammar(formal education) then no it does not have to be in capital form. Blah blah blah blah means I'm bored.
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Let's put it this way if your life depended on knowing when the letter H should be capitalized in the word he ,then the world would be less(voided of) alot of people.Good thing my life isn't determined by those people. Right righhhhht. : )
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How do you like me now.: ). Funny /not funny.
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Of course,the answer is NO.. Why? Because it is one sentence only. You only quoting what he said. So, you must write it like this: "I Have To Go. Bye!" He Said.
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Please watch your use of capital letters.  According to standard grammer this is correct:
"I have to go." "Bye!" he said.

Or if He is God then... "I have to go." "Bye!" He said.

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