In What Ways Were The Native Americans Treated Badly?


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Mistreated! Try whole indigenous tribes wiped out.  1 considered savages 2. Tricked and thrown off their land. 3 The Bureau of Indian affairs was corrupt and took advantage of them 4. Routinely hunted and branded as murderer's by Home-steaders and the U.S. Cavalry 5. Proclamations designed for the protection of Native American's were routinely ignored and changed      by government officials. 6 Promises broken to Native Americans in exchange for taking up arms against the French. 7 They wee enslaved, woman raped, famalies were torn apart.  I could go on and on!  Look up Wounded Knee, and check on the treatment given by President Jackson. The Trail of Tears was no fun. And don't get me started when gold was found in the badlands (the Dakotas)

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