What Skills Does A Writer Need?


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Well firstly you need to be good at making up stories. In other words, you need to be creative.

You need to be passionate about writing. Its no good sitting down to start a novel if your heart isn't in it. You need to be sure that it is what you enjoy, and you need to be determined that you will one day be published. You need to be able to face rejection, as there will be lots of them.

Writing is extremely competitive, and you need to have the willpower to achieve your goals. You need to fit in as much writing as you can and manage your time well.

You need to be confident about the novels that you produce. You need to be able to talk about the scenes and characters you have created, as this will make you good for interviews. Your need to have in-depth knowledge of your characters.

Most improtantly though, you need to be a reader. Read as many books as you can and learn about other authors' styles and inspirations. Think about how other writers structure their stories, what their characters are like, and how their stories inspire you. If you don't have this knowledge, you will never gain any ideas.

Though not essential, you need to have good knowledge of the publishing industry. Do some research, join a forum and discuss these things with other writers.
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You should have power in creativity of words...

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