What Would Be Going On In The Mind Of A Drunk Driver?


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The drunk driver doesn't believe he is too drunk to drive, and in his alcohol soaked brain, he believes that he is O.K.. And, not too drunk to drive, or he may be in a 'blackout', where he will not even remember in the morning. Sorry about your families losses. Drunks, Alcoholics are suffering from a 'spiritual disorder', they are self centered, and irresponsible. In a recovery program, they will learn how to live, and take responsibility. Without help, alcoholics will self destruct, and unfortunately, they may end up taking someone with them. I realize that is not much comfort.The options for these unfortunate human beings, is recovery, insanity or death, if they do not get treatment for their dangerous malady.
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mai Vang
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I don't know why, if they have problems why not drink at a safe place where they can get rest later and not injured themselves most likely others. Thank you.
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They don't think when they are drunk that is the problem.  They think that they are invincible and can do what ever they want to.  They are strong, they can disobey the law and do what ever they want to do.  I lost my best friend, his wife, child and his mother due to a drunkdriver that crashed into them.  The drunkdriver also didn't survive but if he survived that crash then I can promise you that he would have wished that he didn't survive when I was done with him.  Sorry if I sound hares but I got no sympathy for people who brake the law and especially when innocent people gets killed because of a drunkdriver.
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mai Vang
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You know... You are right. At the time they may think they are invincible and prone to any danger. I don't know what else to say. Sometimes i think i know it and sometimes it just feels like I'm lost. Thank you.
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When a person is drinking and then driving they have no concept of weather they are drunk or not! They have no common since! They are complete idiots! I am sorry this has happened to you! I am praying for you family!
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This vary from person to person. Most of the drunk person don't believe that things are out of their control. Wine actually losened the control even the thoughts. The drunk don't think that its not matter of their own life, but I can some time ruin the whole of the family. They deserve the most severe punishment.
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mai Vang
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I know and I don't know... Sometimes it just feels like they are doing it purposely. Thank you.
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I've been drunk on several occasions, and you know what...I KNEW I was drunk!  I just didn't care.  I got in a car and drove....fortunately, I and my passenger got home safely. 
I cannot disagree that an alcoholic has an underlying problem to his/her addiction...but that doesn't make it right that he/she puts the general population in danger because he/she has some personal issues.  Yes, I've lost 2 family members and a best friend to drunk drivers...where the drunk drivers walked away without a scratch and a slap on the wrist!  In my opinion....not enough punishment!  There needs to be more done to curb these useless atrocities.  Because of the deaths of my family and friend and because I have Jesus in my life now....I have stopped with the weekend drink fests....I may have a glass of wine or a wine cooler here and there...for instance, it takes me more than a month to finish drinking a six pack of wine coolers.  The point is....people make choices!  You have a brain....use it...BEFORE you get wasted!!!!!! Designate a driver and KNOW that that person is NOT going to drink as well.  Or have it prearranged that a cab or another friend picks you up at a specified time so that you aren't caught behind the wheel alive and the person in the car you just hit is dead!!!
Babymai, I am so, so sorry for your loss.  There are no words to express how my heart goes out to you and your family.  Please know that I am praying for you and your family for God to comfort you and give you peace at this most grievous time in your lives.  God Bless!!! Janes
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I too lost a cousin due to drunk driving, but she was in the car with the drunk, It is a pity that bars will allow someone to walk out in that condition and get into a car, I think they should also be held responsible! I am so sorry babymai for your loss. I don't know what, if anything was going through the mind of the driver, but I also know the one remaining person (another cousin) in the car when it crashed is trying to cope with survivors guilt, even though he doesn't remember getting into the car, or the crash, only that he woke up with his jaw wired shut and much reconstructive surgery.
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mai Vang
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I don't know. They lady who killed my brother inlaw seems happy she was out of AA class. The D.A. Then got her back into the AA class. If she's all happy getting out of the class why would we assume she has any guilt? She's probably just sad because she's going to end up in jail.
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Drunk drivers must be stopped after the first offense, and not wait until they have had numerous tickets, wrecks and injuries of self anthers. Why can't we crack down on these guys before more people are killed? Th lose a loved on is the most horrible thing ever- aqnd to have it been a way that could've been prevented is just unacceptable. We should not only take away their license, but should confiscate their car, and lock the person up in jail. For a long time.
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Their brain becomes like a car with no brakes-their thought process disengages from the common sense( governor )that usually stops someone from making bad decisions when they are able to think out the problem...like why do they try to drive after they are drunk -there is no governing/logical/common sense thought there to help them stop themselves....or as the police always say they are under the influence....
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I am so very sorry to hear of your great loss.  I too know what it is like to lose a loved one, although my husband was not killed by a drunk driver. But by a stroke.  But it is devastating to lose someone fo near and dear. 
20 some yrs again I was hit by a drunk driver who was drag racing at speeds over 65  mph.  I had serious head wounds and bruises all over.  But the driver was not hurt, and never brought to justice.  I do not think these guys are thinking at all, or they would not put the lives of others and well as themselves at such a great risk.
Again, I am so sorry, GOd bless you.  Turn to Him for comfort.
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She is mostly thinking about how would it be to die?!
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mai Vang
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There's plenty of ways for them to die not taking any innocents with her. Sorry I'm just speaking out of anger.
It's Private Huh
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I meant to write s/he.. I have no idea how it changed!
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First let me start by saying how awful this is for you and my sympathies to you.Now for what they are thinking, and I must admit to having done the dirty deed myself on occasion. You do not feel like you are impaired first of all. So you think you are ok to drive. I will never do it again now that I am older and somewhat wiser.The drinking is mostly self destructive behavior, although i do not think that you have to be an alcoholic to be guilty.
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mai Vang
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I've been drunk myself but I will never have any intention to get in a car and drive. I know I'm wobbly and the world seems to be in my control but I will never just pick up a key and drive. I know myself that when I drink I will stay. When my friends, family & I are drunk we're always telling each other that they're drunk and they should stay put. So we always end up not going anywhere. I believe when you're drunk you know you are but some people just want to act cocky. Thank you for your sympathy and your change, I appreciate it.
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He would rather say ..... I am drunk ...... I am drink ..... I am drunk while driving. Its a natural tendency that when someone drinks and drive he knows well that he is drunk but never takes the fact that he should not be driving.  i happened to lost a friend who was under alchohol while driving :( sad 
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Nothing is going on in the mind of a alcoholic driver except foolishness they feel they can do anything better than anyone else drive, fight, etc. But this only happens when they are drunk, when drinking that is the time they feel they have to go somewhere even if they are already home , I have witness them getting home park the car and are unable to get out of the car to go into the house, the next day they don't remember how they got home or anything......the best to you

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