Would It Be Wrong To Make Women Have To Take Off Their Make Up/extensions/wigs Before Having Their Drivers License Picture Taken?


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I don't think it would be wrong at all. They don't let guys wear hats in their pictures, and most guys that wear hats wear them all the time. So to most people they would look different without them.
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lynn sundown
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I agree totally with Bld,They should be made to take off all false.beauty what ever they where especially wigs or extensions.Hey does that go for False teeth? Lol I thought of that just now.but thats was a great Question.And all makeup should go to.
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Okay this to me is a yes/no answer. I do think that any ladies wearing wigs must take off the wig and hair extensions...well maybe not the extensions. However, I do not believe that women should have to take off their makeup. A little foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, blush.....these things are not going to alter a persons identity there is no way in heck someone will tell me I need to take off my makeup for my picture~!
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It wouldn't make sense. When one got pulled over, she'd be hauled in to prove her identity. Fingerprints. I do strongly believe that all people should show their true self before committing to any long time relationship. Not just a personal one. Lot of people lose in love and employment for not being who they really are. As for passports. Before your pic is taken, they warn you that altering your appearance with "un natural enhancement" may alert authorities. And you will be denied access and detained.
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This is a very good question which leaves me in a bit of a quandary though.
Those women could take off their make up and stuff for their picture ID's but then they could put them back on to hide their identity. Then again, I suppose they could be made to take it all off again. LOL
I did see a news reel about a Muslim lady who didn't want to take off her head and face scarf for drivers license picture. Not sure how that turned out though.
In the end, I'd have to say that they should have to take off their wigs and such but they would be pushing it a little here because it would take an act of Congress to get some women to remove their make up in public.
PS, I don't wear make up myself. I look like a movie star with out it so I don't bother.
You do believe me, don't you?
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John commented
I just think it would be amazing to see what most women look like when they have to remove all the artificial/fake things they stick on their face and head. My other question would be how much time would it delay flights if they had to do it at the airport in order to pass the securtiy check.: )
Rena Chisholm
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Oh my goodness. They would never make their flights on schedule.
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When I go out of the house I look like that.  So if I had the picture taken without my hair fixed and makeup on and then had to show my license, the picture would not look like me.  Unless someone broke into my house in the middle of the night and made me show them my license.  Then I would look like the picture.

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