What Source/Kind Of Trivia Knowledge Have You?


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I am terrible about trivia. I have never been one to remember things if I thought it was a waste of time. I can sing every word to a song but I can't remember who sings it or what the name of the album was. I am pretty knowledgeable about the Vikings. I have been watching them since I was 3 years old. I work hard at remembering things so I could talk to my dad about it. I was my dad's companion on Sunday watching the games. It was great bonding with my dad and getting out of dishes.
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I know a lot about horses and ponies, a little about other equines. =) I am 13, and have been taking lessons for 7 years. Since I started at age 5 (took a year off at 6), I just recently started really studying them, now that I can focus on it better than a 5 year old can, haha.
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Actually, the grey matter is crammed with trivial stuff of all types. Not the statistical stuff like which baseball player ties his left shoe the most. More like how many leaves are on a full grown oak tree, and how long has Keith Richards of the Stones been secretly dead. Or should have been by now.
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You have to ask?? My skull is filled with useless trivia which makes me a monster at Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit. I have astonishing grammar skills (that I do not always put to use) and most importantly I have amazing research skills. I can put my hands on accurate information quickly. Now, all that being said, I must point out that I just pulled a 4.0 for the 3rd consecutive semester!!!! And I will now take my big, giant, tired gray matter to the beach for the next 6 weeks...
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Hi Nassy. Sorry it took me so long to reply but last 24 hours have been a bit frantic.

At the risk of sounding big-headed, I've always had a good memory, particularly for facts, phone numbers etc, and before I moved here, I played regularly in my local pub's quiz team which won several trophies. My knowledge tends to be an above average level on a lot of things rather than very detailed on a few subjects, although I would say TV, Music, Science and Astronomy are my stronger suits while sport is more of a 'smattering'. As a team though, we had a pretty good spread of knowledge across most of the spectrum.
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Well, I think I'm good at word games,right now my brain just froze up on me and I guess that means to quit......Smile.....HUGS
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A little bit of knowledge about a few things, music, racing, football, baseball !! Not enough to be on
Jeopardy !! Unlike many people [not talking about any Blurters] I admit my ignorance !!!
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Gee, mine's animals, lol. I've spent most of my life studying and working with them and it's forced most other things out of my head I think. :-)
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Let's put this way i know only what i know when answering a question,but i do not know what i know until asked a question that i can answer...:)))
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I get it, got it & I'm good...lol.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Get, got, good and really understood. Lmao roff
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I just found a tv show that shows how to make all kinds of wild things out of scrapped technology tv's,vcr's,old cassette recorders,bycycles,remote controls...i think it's called make .com or make it .com...the reason i am telling you this is because i found it because of a question asked of me ...so as they say you never stop learning or finding out what you can know....or as a movie line said the kowing is in the knowing(i can't remember the movie maybe you can find it or "know it"...: )
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I want Nomad's answer. I know a bunch of weird stuff, but never realize untill someone ask. Like Jacki's, how many steps to walk a mile. LOL
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Trivia, idk im all around, i do good at those games but i have no idea how i know the answers to those questions, i just do...im pretty good with everything, if that answers your question, except for 80s music, no good when it comes to 80s music ;) lol
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I retain factoids well, and really never get to use them, they eventually get faded, but the memory keeps them, and will dispense as needed. I don't know where my category would be though, how about stupid factoids. Lol
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Dose any body know HOW MANY Nassy's would it take to keep just ONE COWBOY HOME?

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