Are There Any Of You Out There Who Actually Like School?


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It's 35 years since I left school but let me pass on such wisdom as I've learned since. People say schooldays are the best of your life - GARBAGE !. They may be to some but I never liked school (although I did well academically). The only truth I would say is that the problems you have at school (which are of course real and important when you're there) pale into insignificance when you come up against life's problems as an adult.

When I look back on the the problems I had at school, the solutions seem so easy now, and I can't understand what I was worried about. I hope this isn't coming across as being patronizing as that certainly is not my intention, but as George Bernard Shaw observed, 'The trouble with youth is that it's wasted on the young' ! Unfortunately, experience is something you only acquire AFTER you could really have used it. Enjoy your life !
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I like being in school. It helps that I enjoy my major...if I didnt then I dont think I would like it very much. Its also a plus that I will graduate in May... Even though Ill be off to another college to get my bachelors degree in Art.
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Randy, I meant to click accept for your friend request, but my computer glitched and shut down... Request was gone when I came back... So I sent you another request. I look forward to talking with you.. Hugs ya....Mati
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Not I! Never could stand it but my line is the only reason I went to college is I couldn't find a job, the only reason I took the CPA exam is I couldn't find a job and the only reason I work for myself is I couldn't find a job! Do what you like because there is an awful lot that you will have to do and won't like! If you are going to do it for the rest of your life may it something that makes you happy!
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I always loved school. I enjoy learning and participating in class, not to mention the social aspect. If I had the money I would probably be a professional student...*p
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I'm not in school at present but just love learning and or sharing knowledge,so I find no fault with school what so ever,loved attending school that was why I went directly from high school into college,

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