What Is Your Favorite Number?


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It has to be 6. My old football shirt number! I loved that shirt...
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8, this year for my b-day, it was 8 8 08 and 3 8's are lucky. I still have yet to see this, but it is said to be lucky.
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I guess it would be 13! I was born on Friday the 13th! It's my lucky number!
1 is a number of beginnings and 3 represents the Trinity...Add them together
and you get a 4, which is a grounded number, stable, and firm...
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because 2 and 2 is 22 and there are 2 2's in 22. If you dont understand then  soz im a weirdo.
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22 reduces down to 4 in Numerology.....4 is the number of Stability, and foundation, and is grounded.......
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Seven    the number of completion/perfection in the Bible.
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Everyones favourite number is 7. Be original!
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Hey- it is original- maybe I am the one to start it all! Ha ha. No really, I like the number 7 for reasons I gave.
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My favorite number is 24, because it's my favorite player kobe bryant's playing number, meanwhile, 24 is my  student number, so...
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666 because it's a funky number and the devils number but I LIKE IT!!! LOLK 0_0
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666 was actually 'Nero Caesar's' address! And HE WAS A BEAST! He was enemy to the Christians and Jews!
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My favorite number is 4. It used to be 3(my then boyfriend's school number) but then we had the nasty break-up(6 times he dumped me 6 times!) and now I like 4 because he hated that number and it is the 2nd smallest even number and I like even numbers, I'm short so I like small things, and I'm of the 2nd best at stuff(except running I'm always #1 in that).
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Why Avogadro's number of course!

6.022 X 10^23


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Sounds intriguing... what is it?
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Generally used in chemical stoichiometry as the definition of a mole of anything.
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867-5309. Jenney Jenney you're the girl for me.
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My favorite number is 12 because my boy friends name is jonathan and mine is skye if you add that it gives you 12
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369 why, you sure want to know a lot about me . Color dark blue, on a woman black or red. At home to night watching T V.  TWO AND A HALF MEN. Random word  stupid sh... You get bored when there is no one to chat with. Or when you can do so much but no one will trust you since everyone wonders what are you getting out of it?  Very hard to keep friends as a kid and an adult. Good night young lady
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My favorite number is 11. Because that's the age where you're still a kid & you can act stupid all you want, but you know how to take better care of yourself.
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92.. And I Don't Know Why.. I Am Fascinated By The Number 13.  Like Hotels Not Having 13th Floor And Things Like That.

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