When Will The Next Examination Of PCS Of Uttranchal Govt Will Be Held?


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I would like to know what is date of next uttranchal pcs exam
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There are several sites with Uttaranchal Government, however there is no information referring to Examination of PCS. Only on one site was there a reference to the date for this examination and that was in 2005.

I did locate the following website, which I hope will assist you in finding the exact date you seek. in the navigation on the left side of the page you will find the EXAMS, this gives you a list of tests; Entrance Exams, then Exam dates. Click on these links and you find information about many tests, the dates, places, etc. As of tonight this test is not listed, however you may find it has been added by the time you search.

It may be the date has not been released as yet, but you will have the site where you can recheck the information.

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