Have You Ever Had To Perform At A School Concert Or Play?


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John answered
Long time  ago 5th grade show .
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smiley =) answered
Yup, i did a few years ago. And i have the WORST stage fright... So i nearly fainted .. LOL
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The Instigator answered
I had to play a tree when I was in the fourth grade. I had to stand there and remain still and with my arms lifted straight up.  Boy did my "limbs" hurt after that.
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Glenn Greenwood answered
No. I grew up very slowly and was the tiniest kid in my class every year and was picked on as a result. No school activities for this boy!
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Joan answered
I was in the school band from the 6th grade until high school graduation so I performed in many school concerts and at all the football games.  I was in both the concert and marching bands.  I was also in a quartet singing group and performed on a fairly regular basis with them.  I also played basketball from my freshman year until graduation.  So being on stage in one form or another was no big event for me.  I currently sing with my church choir at two separate services each Sunday.  I occasionally still get a bit of stage fright.
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Mike McCarthy answered
I sure did. My 1st one was  called, "The Children of The calendar." I was Father Time.  The other one I was in was called, "The King's Creampuff".  I was the king. I was the ONLY one in the play who could say thier lines without reading from a book. EVERYONE had a book in thier arms with thier lines in it.  I was on my throne & suddenly . . .  . I forgot a line.   There was a moment of silence. Everyone thought I wasn't gonna make it. I quickly peeked over at my queen's book & I continued.  At the end of the play, there was a standing ovation.   Shame I don't have the script to both anymore. This was back in 1977. My 1st year of High school.
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In our school being in a concert of play was a privilege and honor that only a few people were ever chosen to do. I was in our school talent show in the 8th grade.
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I don't know if "had to" is the correct phrase to use, but yes, I did perform in a school play, one time.

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