Can You Tolerate Watching A Film In A Different Language With Subtitles?


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Yes, but it depends on the movie, it has to be worth watching, like Apocalypto.
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jim kerr answered
I always moan if i find out a film's subtitled, but i always end up getting into it.

Please, please please ,,, watch 'battle royal'. Its brilliant

  ...these are great too if your over 18 :
  - the ring.
  - man bites dog
  - Delicatessen
  - la haine
  - el Mariachi
  - lady vengeance
  - them
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Mike McCarthy answered
I can't because I am deaf & I need English closed captioning or subtitles.
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Merlin Paine answered
As long as the spoken language is English...if the spoken language is for example French and the subtitles are in English then I cannot deal with it.....
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I watched "I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW)" that way, in 1970.  Here is a clip from it (the subtitles are not shown):
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Donna Kelly
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No way, I saw this film ages & ages ago. Not a bad film xx
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Subtitles aren't needed, when one watches pornographic movies, right?

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