How Do I Unblock At My School?


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You can try accessing and any other site you want to visit by using a proxy server. However, the chances are that if your school is smart enough to have installed internet blocking software, it is also smart enough to have listed all the known proxy servers, so you will almost certainly end up back where you started - as well as risking getting into trouble.

Most schools today have installed internet protection software such as TerminatorX.  These work by reading the title of the site that appears in the title bar at the top of the screen.  Teachers at the school can add site titles to a master list that is kept, and when the protection software encounters a title that is on the list, it simply blocks access.

In this case, your school has added the title "Mocospace - free mobile chat games and friends” to the list, so you and your fellow pupils can’t access it through the school’s network.

Proxy servers get around this.  They offer a site where pupils can log in, with a title that is unknown to the school and so not yet on the list.  It appears to the school’s monitoring system that the pupil is logged into a single innocent site, when in reality he or she can surf the net and visit any number of banned social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Bebo.

However, as soon as the identity of a proxy server becomes know, the school will add its title bar to the list and usually share the information with other schools, so proxy servers tend to be short lived. More importantly, proxy servers are often a front for scammers, who use them to plant malware on the user’s device. This can include keylogging software so that the scammers acquire the pupil’s passwords and other security information.
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Yea how do I unblock myspace and myspace in school
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Go to and yes its supposed to have two w's not three. Make sure before you log off that you clear the history. They'll never know!!

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