Would anyone who has a PHD be the smartest person on Earth?


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There is a paradox about intelligence and education. The more degrees a person has, the less likely he is to have any common sense whatsoever. It's like Muscle Beach. You ask somebody on Muscle Beach to solve a problem and he will use brute strength on it. You ask somebody who has spent 21 years in school to solve a problem and he will write a research paper on it.

All doctors have as much education as any Ph.D. My surgeon sliced his finger open cutting firewood. I mean, his entire income depends on his hands. You shake his hand you can hardly feel the grip, but  he cuts his finger open with a saw.

My brother-in-law had a Ph.D and was a Fullbright scholar. He didn't know what a Phillips screwdriver was. I wanted to tell him, "Orange juice, vodka and Milk of Magnesia" but I knew he wouldn't get the joke.
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Its possible, but there is no way to really tell who is the single smartest person on earth.
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G'day Scrooge,

Thank you for your question.

No because there  plenty of people who have PhDs.. Besides because some people without PhDs or even degrees may still be pretty smart like Bill Gates for example.

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No. A guy/girl has a phd in how to make safe fertilizer out of bat guano.would that make him/her the smartest person in the world. Maybe, but probably only in that topic.
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Are u kidding? I know many people who have no education and I know plenty who do. Sometimes those "uneducated" ones are by far, smarter. But, it could be possible. Anything is possible. Heck, I may even have a GOOD dream tonight.

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