Do bats generally build nests in clumps of high trees, if not how do they have (and protect) their young? Do you have colonies of bats living in your vicinity?


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The only bats that I know of that roost in trees on a
regular basis are Flying Foxes, though
I'm sure there are others.    When there are no
caves availible,  gables, house overhangs, even
attics if they can get in, and the underside of bridges are the
usual hang-ups for most bats.  Bats do not build nests. 
They give birth upside down.  The baby is very
tiny, but it's legs and claws are very strong.  It has to
hang on to Momma to suckle and to hang on to the 'roof'
when she leaves to hunt.  If it falls to the floor of the cave,
it dies. When it dies, of hunger or cold, there is Nature's
clean-up crew to take care of things.  In caves, there are
beetles, roaches and in some cases even crabs will make
a meal of it.A single baby has no real protection at all. 
In a maturnity roost, it's only protection is in numbers. 
There could be thousands on the cave roof...
And a preditor can't get them all.
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Tony Newcastle
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An excellent ,well clued-up answer of a high standard and informative. Thank you, Syron.
Nature once again red in tooth and claw, hey?
Jewelly A. Shetka
Thank you . I worry sometimes about putting
out too much information. You know,
TMI Central?
Life is a circle. Something must die
so something else might live.
That 'something else', then dies and
feeds in turn.
Life, death.
You can't have one without the other.
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According to online sources, about 3/4 of UK bats live in trees. When I lived in Texas, bats were abundant there in some places. There are also bats her in N. California, where they sometimes show up as "squatters," nesting in crevices and cavities of walls of unoccupied buildings.
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Maybe bats are not particular where they roost.
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As long as secluded, I guess not. Cave bats might be a bit more picky, however. Some of the large caverns back in Texas and New Mexico had colonies going back thousands of years. For an animal that exists in such stupendous numbers, and somehow still remains largely invisible, it is no wonder the bat came to be associated with the nocturnal vampire legends; that and the bats "fang" marks.
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They Live In Caves ..  Belfry And Trees Depending On Where They Are From. Yes  We Have  Bats Flying Around At Dusk Diving For Insects..They Hunt By Sound.. A Belfry If That's How It's Spelled Is Llke The Top Attic Of A  Church Or A Real Tall Place.. They Like To Eat Insects Fruit And Vampire Bats Suck The Blood Of Like Cows And

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