How do you write 304,367 in words?


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Albert Renshaw answered
It is written: Three-hundred and four-thousand, three-hundred and sixty-seven.
With hyphens. Also, there doesn't have to be a comma, but it is an understood caesura.
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Oddman answered
I learned to write this number as
  three hundred four thousand three hundred sixty-seven. There are differences between British and American English on several points, one of which is the use of "and" between hundreds and tens.

For numbers greater than one, a hyphen is used only for the tens-ones combinations greater than twenty, forty-three, for example. A comma is not used to delimit the different periods. (The names of the numbers do that.)

A hyphen may also be used in the place value portion of fractions less than one thousandth, as in "three ten-thousandths."

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