How have you changed since high school? Did you change or are you the same person?


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Janey answered
Yep i've changed since high school as i was a real tomboy and a rebel wild child at private school always getting into trouble of some sort.It wasn't until i reached my final year that i realised i'd never make it as an interpreter unless i got my act together.I'm still the tomboy for sure, but i'm a lot more mature and responsible these days.I can still go off, but i'm slowly turning into a Miss Sensible of sorts.But i'll still shop like crazy and rock my socks off partying lol.That won't ever change :)
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I think we all change with the tests, trials, lessons and knowledge that life throws at us through the years. Basically we are the same person, but our attitudes and outlook on life can change quite a bit sometimes.
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Of course. I was such a demon child back then. I would get into all sorts of trouble all the time! By the time I was 17 I had been arrested 9 times! 

Now Im a responsible contributor of society and a law abiding citizen.  :) 
If your thinking WTF is he talking about, He smokes marijuana! Then please read on.

I have a medical marijuana card. Don't ask how but I have one and it's legal for me possess marijuana and smoke in my home without worries.  :)

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