What are the advantages of living at home with your parents when you go off to college and what are the disadvantages of living at home?


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Living on college campus or frat house forces you to grow up and become more independent and self-reliant.You're responsible for your own life and finances and you have to deal bills for food, rent, electricity and working out your time and schedules.No-one rags on you and it's up to yourself how you deal with all of this.The advantages of living at home are that you don't have to deal with very much ( if any ) of these responsibilities and parents are more likely to say work now, party later.The disadvantage of living at home if you're a student means you miss out on student life, being part of the group, looking after yourself, getting invited to parties and learning tips or tricks on being street-smart.
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Maxine Chan
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Okay but why do most of my family want us to stay at home when going off to college? What if the only school that will accept us is far away?
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Some parents don't like the idea of their kids "growing up" and moving away.
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Yeah that is so true.
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What Janey said. Perhaps your family doesn't like the idea of their kids growing up or they are worried about the outside influences and the trouble you could get into as a college kid away from home.
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Yeah that is true but that leaves their kids to be dependent.
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Yep it does. As much as I'm sure I'm going to be nervous of the things my kids will get into in college, at some point they have to figure it out without me there with them. So of they'll go, they won't have the option of staying at home. My job is to help them grow up, not to protect them from everything their whole lives.

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