How do I revise whilst having fun at the same time? It's sunny out there, I don't want to waste the chance but I have work to do!


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I can tell you that it's very difficult to revise whilst having fun at the same time! The only way to make revision less boring is to find out what times your concentration levels are at their peak and how you learn.

Revision isn't fun!

  • If you find out that you can focus your mind better in the evening or in the morning, then by all means go out and enjoy the sun in the day. As long as you can get your work done after you've been out. This is all a matter of personal preference, and I've found that over the years I find it far more easier to work during the evenings than I do in the afternoon or morning.
  • Your methods of learning are also fundamental to revision and how you retain knowledge. Very few people can actually effectively learn or retain knowledge from copying out of a text-book all day. Instead try learning by making videos or audio recordings of your notes.
I found that I could revise far better by recording myself recite my notes and then playing them back to myself through my mp3 player whenever I walked to school.
The secret to revision is to plan it well and start early, then you can experiment with various methods and decide which ones help you to retain knowledge the best.

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Adila Adila
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I wish I revised earlier ,I only have a month to revise for my finals! Thanks for the answer , I do work better in evenings but then again I struggle to sit down and get it all done. I'm more a last minute person!
Dan Banks
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I know what you mean, its very difficult to actually get revision done. Sometimes I find that leaving it until nearer the deadline actually makes me more motivated. Probably just because I'm panicing so much! Good luck for your exams.
Adila Adila
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Thanks and yeh I agree , pressure motivates me!
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If it's a nice day and I've got work to do, I'll usually get the work done first so I can enjoy the sunshine without the work hanging over my head. Obviously, this can be difficult if you have a lot to do!

Places You Can Work Whilst Enjoying The Sunshine

  • Window-seats in cafes
  • Outside seating in cafes, pubs or restaurants
  • In the park
  • A library with a good view
Usually, if I have work to do but want to get out and enjoy the sun, I'll take my laptop and walk to a nice cafe. That way, I get to enjoy the weather, and - if it's not too windy or cold - I can study outside.
Knowing What Type of Revision Works For You
Everybody learns in different ways. For me, the best way to revise is to start off with my original notes, then rewrite them - more condensed this time - and repeat the process until the notes are a fraction of the size they were in the first place.
I think this works because each time I write the notes down, I'm reinforcing what I know.
For some reason, I can't revise from a computer screen - the information just doesn't stick like it does when I use pen and paper.
Study Environments
Even getting out the house to revise can be helpful - you don't feel like you're cooped up indoors, and a change of scenery can really make a difference to what you remember.
If you usually study in your bedroom, and then try and recall a piece of information, it'll be more difficult than if you switch it up a bit.
If you study in a variety of environments, you'll then think "Ah, I remember now - I revised this part when X song was playing in Y cafe and I was eating a chocolate muffin."
Some people prefer to have a designated workspace, though. For 'work' work, this suits me, but not for studying.
Just experiment, and see what works for you - everybody's different, after all!

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