I absolutely hate having driving lessons , I always feel so nervous and I've had 12 lessons so what is wrong with me and how can I feel more calm and relaxed? I get serious nervous indigestion!


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Nothing is wrong with you. That is quite normal. Just think of how you will be able to drive to meet Westlife and how enjoyable that will be. Then you will become a driving genius. Lol! I have driven over one million miles. I love driving.

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Adila Adila
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I havent had a driving lesson in 4 weeks! haha.....I keep forgeting to book my next lesson , at this rate I would've forgotten everything!
Adrian Masters
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Just aim the car in the right direction and push the peddle! Then wale on the horn and yell at everyone to get out of the way. :) See, there is no problem at all. 8)
Adila Adila
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LOL!! Oh thats great advice that is!! Thank you soo much!!!
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Hey, my friend. I actually just got my permit. I've been driving since I was about ten years old, and let me tell you the big "secret" behind it. You ready?


Twelve weeks or not, experience is going to be your most critical asset when sitting behind the wheel of a 2,000 pound moving object. Just continue to drive and make SURE you ask your instructor questions, when you have them.

I'd also recommend some breathing exercises before you get in the vehicle. Start out with about 10 minutes, then over time wean yourself off of them until you don't need them anymore. Trust me, it helps.

Hope this helped!

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