What is the median of 0 1 3 3 5 7 8 9 9 9?


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I believe that the median for the set of numbers is 6. The reason for that is because since all the numbers are in order from least to greatest, you just have to cut from the first number and then the last number. However, but then you get 5 and 7 stuck. The main rule is to "fair-and-square". Meaning that you have to equally subtract the number from the list. So to do this you have to find the mean, or average,  of 5 and 7. To do this, you have to add 5+7=12. Then you divide 12 by 2 because there were two numbers that, we had to add and were left over in the list.  So then you get the quotient of 6. So the median is 6.

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