If you had to get away to write a novel, where would you escape to?


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If I could go anywhere in the world to write a novel, I'd probably just stay at home, to be honest!

Even if money wasn't an issue, I still think that going somewhere really beautiful would only be a distraction.

Why I'd Rather Write At Home Than Anywhere Else

I like knowing that I've got everything I need around me. I don't think I'd be able to concentrate if I was constantly worrying about things like this:

  • Having a stable internet connection (useful for quickly researching things)
  • If I'd brought all the reference-books with me that I might want
  • Where the nearest shops were
  • Feeling uncomfortable in temporary accommodation (writing a novel takes a long time, and so I wouldn't want to be anywhere that didn't feel 'permanent' to me)
Besides, I think writing in a space that you're familiar with would be more relaxing.

Although I like the idea of writing in a country manor-house with a beautiful view, or a heated log cabin somewhere, I don't think I'd actually get much writing done. I'd be too tempted to just curl up with a book or go for a walk, and unless I was trying to write historical fiction, I don't think it'd benefit my novel!
The same goes for anywhere with other people around. I don't like writing if someone can see over my shoulder, so I'd probably end up just closing my laptop and talking to strangers instead!

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I agree that home is probably the best place for writing  :o)

If I had to go away, I would rent one of the Landmark Trust properties.  The Landmark Trust is a UK charity that restores historical buildings and then rents them out to holiday makers, generating funds to do more restorations.  They have hundreds of properties in the British Isles including cottages, castles, and even a gothic temple in Stowe.

A few years ago, I spent a week at their Napoleonic sea fort on the Channel Isle of Alderney.  If I'd been there by myself, it would have been the perfect environment to knuckle down and do some writing (especially when cut off from the rest of the island by high tide!).  I think I would have probably ended up writing a ghost story, because we were there in the middle of winter, and it felt quite spooky when the waves crashed over the causeway...

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Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith commented
The Landmark Trust catalogue is well worth a look if you fancy a cheap-ish break with lots of peace and quiet and opportunities to ramble around. I've only done it twice (as well as the sea fort I stayed in a historic cottage once) but I keep meaning to pull my finger out and organise another!
Melinda Moore
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Thanks so much - I will. Having just delivered my novel, I'm now desperate to have a break to recover from all the late nights!
Kelly Poggi
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Wow, that sounds awesome. Notebooks, pencils, and sharpeners are vary totable when staying anywhere. Bring a camera too, just to keep an accurate picture for a story idea.
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A coffee shop?

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To New York.

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In reality, I lock myself in my house and go into "hermit mode" when I'm writing.

I spend most of my time absorbing information and inspiration from the world around me - but when it comes to getting the creative juices flowing, nothing beats a bit of reclusiveness.

However... if I could afford to fly off to anywhere in the world to enjoy that reclusiveness, I'd obviously go somewhere with white sandy beaches, sweltering heat, and a dark room with a mini-bar facing a lazy ocean.

I'd also require bar service to my room, and plenty of it. I'd live like a rum-drinking J.D. Salinger, a less-grumpy Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson with a better haircut...

If my favorite beach resort was fully booked, I also wouldn't mind an eerie house out in the woods. Close enough to a town so that I could pick up supplies, but isolated enough that my imagination would run wild.

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Melinda Moore
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I'd pick somewhere near the sea, too, rather than the reality (which involves trying to be a hermit inside a busy house filled with other people). I'd probably give the alcohol a miss, though - as it really affects my ability to self-edit!

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