What steps can a government take to rescue it's people from poverty?


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There are a number of steps that governments can implement in order to rescue its people from poverty: taxes, debt management, welfare programs and education are a few of the key examples.

  • Taxes
Governments should reduce or cut out taxes especially for low income families to enable them to save more money for their expenses.

  • Welfare programs
An increase in the creation of government welfare programs can help to overcome poverty. Welfare programs can assist in helping people manage their debt and finances effectively and there needs to be a wider selection of programs available for people from all walks of life.

  • Education
The government need to create more opportunities for people to be educated and have access to the resources and funds they need to secure a better future. Education is key in overcoming poverty and creating skilled professionals for the betterment of the world and economy.

  • Debt Management
Many people fall into poverty through falling into debt. If the government were to set up more debt management programs or funds to help those in debt the economy can further flourish.

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