What are two important events in the story "The House on Mango Street"?


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There are actually many events that take place in the story The House on Mango Street, because it is quite a long and complicated tale with lots of twists and turns. 

Personally, I think the two main events of the story are:

  • When the family moved into the house on Mango Street,
  • When Esperanza (the main character) has her palm read.

The main events in The House on mango Street

As it seems as though each of the many chapters of the book could be taken as its own mini story. However each of the chapters are connected in some way, so a full story can be deciphered through the development of the main characters.

If I had to pick two main events, this is what they would be:

  1. I feel that the main event of the story has to be when the family move house to live on Mango Street. 

    If it were not for this crucial point then the rest of the story could not take place. This is their first house but it is not how they imagined it would be. The house is run down and falling apart and they all have to sleep in one room.

    The street is also not very nice and all the other people on the street live in poverty with many problems. This is the main point of the story and all of the other events follow this one.
  2. I think the second most important event is when Esperanza, the main character, gets her palm read by three elderly women.

    They tell her that her that she can achieve her dream of leaving Mango street, as long as she comes back to help those that are left behind. I feel this is a main event as it creates suspense at what will happen in the rest of the story.

Other people may have different opinions about which are the most important events, but the two I have picked are vital to the themes of the book.

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