What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Professional Musician?


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The qualifications needed to become a professional musician are: A school qualification; college degree; grading and/or some sort of post-secondary certificate program in music. These qualifications are essential if you wish to become a musician, music teacher, journalist, producer or manager. 

Obtaining these qualifications will make your resume more attractive to your prospective employers. Academic qualifications are important but you should also make sure you are focused on mastering your instrument (or instruments) of choice. Experience working in a music based environment such as a studio or venue will increase your appeal.
  • School Qualification in music
  • College degree in music
  • Other post-secondary certificate of music
  • Taking grades in your instrument
  • Proficiency in your instrument of choice
  • Work experience

Degree level/post-secondary training

If you decide to undertake degree level or a different post-secondary qualification in music then this will be particularly beneficial. These courses should include ear training, sight singing, music theory and instruction in your chosen instrument.
To apply for one of these courses you will have to have a school qualification in music or pass an audition performing your chosen instrument. Degree programs will typically allow for a student to focus their studies on a particular type of music or specific instrument.

Skills a music degree will enhance...
  • Ear training
  • Sight Singing
  • Musical theory
  • Professional instruction
  • Practical experience
Becoming a professional musician is a competitive and difficult process. The music industry is notoriously difficult to get your foot in the door. I would advise you, if possible, to establish some professional contacts, who can help you towards landing the job you've always wanted.
  • Build a network of professional contacts
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I would say that the qualification that you will need is to be very good at playing more than one instrument.
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High School Diploma, License, hard work, determination.
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Music, Drama, and Art I reckon =/
Music because... Well, obviously.
Drama, for like, music videos and stuff.
And Art for the unique open mindedness. IMAGINATION.

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