How do you find the diameter of a cylinder if the volume is 1256m and height is 13m. I need help I cant seem to get anywhere with this and it's driving me bonkers. I know it's probably as simple as abc... but how would you begin? Can anyone help me?


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I assume that you mean the volume is 1256 m^3 (cos if you don't, the question makes no sense). (Or 1256 cubic meters, which means the same thing).

The volume of a cylinder is Pi * r^2 * h when r=radius and h= height of cylinder, hence:

Pi * r^2 * 13 = 1256

Divide both sides by Pi (Pi taken to be 3.14 (2 sig fig) for this exercise)

r^2 * 13 =400

divide both sides by 13

r^2 = 30.76

sqrt of 30.76 = 5.55 (to 2 sig. Fig.)

diameter is twice the radius = 11.01

If you work to 3 sig figs you will get a more accurate answer.

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