Give an example of a situation where a team leader would need to refer to someone with senior authority?


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My guess would be that a team leader would need to seek the opinion of someone higher up simply when they don't have the authority to make a decision.

Everyone should be encouraged to take on responsibility and show initiative - but it's equally important to know your workplace limitations.

Otherwise, you run the risk of making the wrong decision - which could have potentially serious consequences (depending on what you're making a call on).

Team leaders need to seek senior authority sometimes

There's no shame in asking for advice or a second opinion when you need one. A great example would be a diligent doctor.

Although it's a career that requires a lot of ambition and confidence, the career path has strict boundaries and limited jurisdictions for each role.

Junior doctors always seek the opinion of more senior staff when they're unsure - and because the cost of failure could literally be death - this kind of workplace requires strict adherence to the chain of command.

Perhaps this is less so in other work places.

Nevertheless, over-stepping the mark of where your authority ends could irritate those around you, making for a very negative work environment - regardless of its nature!

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