what tools do astronauts use for space?


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The tools astronauts use for space are safety tethers, pistol-grip tools, trace gas analyzers, and robotic arms.

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Sounds interesting! Can you give any examples of how these tools are used, I don't even know what half of them are!
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Sure, safety tethers are what all astronauts must wear when working in space. They attach to the astronauts waist and attaches to handrails in a space station frame.

Pistol grip tools another version of a cordless drill. The handle on it allows for rechargeable metal hydride batteries which holds a charge in space.

The trace gas analyzer is used to prevent leaks of fluid.

The robotic arm is used to move objects weighing over 200,000lbs.
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The gas analyzers are one of the safety instruments used in many industries and pharmaceutical companies to maintain adequate safety in the workplace, the gas analyzers are used to find out the gases in the atmosphere and the signals are displayed on the monitor, analyzers or detectors gives complete information on different gases like sulfur dioxide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and methane, as well as their physical factors such as flow rate and pressure and temperature. Axonim is one of the leading manufacturers of Gas Analyzers in USA.

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