How do I write a funny student election speech for elementary school?


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Hey, I think only you deep down can answer this question. Here's why:

How to write a funny student election speech

  1. In jokes are good. People will laugh, they will connect with you and feel like they have something in common with you, and they are easy to write. Maybe a teacher has a funny phrase they use often? Or there was a funny event that everyone knows about...
  2. Make fun of yourself a bit. Everybody likes someone that doesn't take themselves too seriously. Just make sure not to go too far because then people won't take you seriously at all - and that won't get you elected!
  3. What do the popular kids think is funny? That's what you should target. Think like a politician: Who are your influencers? Make them laugh, and everyone else will find it funny too.

A final word of advice: Don't rely too much on jokes. You are still in an election campaign! Show passion and leadership too

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