Which describes the word in the sentence? 'My friend Sally is the best florist in town.' A) Indirect object B) Predicate nominative C) Direct object D) Predicate adjective


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This is a fairly common question in English class, so I am going to assume that the question is asking the reader to identify the underlined word, and that the underlined word is “florist”.

If this is the case, “florist” is B) Predicate nominative.

A predicate nominative is defined as a noun that follows a linking verb and identified the subject.

In this sentence, Sally is the subject and “florist” is what she is – so that word becomes the predicate nominative.

In the sentence “the cut flowers look dry and lifeless, the predicate adjectives in this sentence are “dry” and “lifeless” because both of these words describe the flowers. These words are what the flowers are.

If you have any difficulties identifying the predicate nominative, simply ask yourself “what is Sally?”

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