What should I say about my student council speech to be a prefect? I'm in 5th grade.


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When you stand in front of your school council to make your speech you must remember that this isn’t a test of how clever you are, or how sporty you are, or how good looking you are! It’s about being able to do what the Principal and staff and other students expect of you. 

As a prefect you will probably have to :

  • Be an example to the other students
  • Respect the school rules and help others do the same
  • Represent your school outside of school in the community
  • Wear your prefect’s badge with pride!

You are only going to have a few minutes so start well. Speak clearly and fairly slowly - don’t rush!  Make some cards to illustrate your speech.  Be sure to make them BIG, BOLD and COLOURFUL!

.....Good morning everyone - my name is Joe Smith and I’m in class 5D.

I want to be a prefect because

I like to be helpful (hold up the card HELPFUL) - especially to new students, younger students and students who have got problems.

I will support our teachers (hold up the card SUPPORT) - our teachers are great and deserve our help and support.

I can set an example (hold up a card EXAMPLE )- I work hard, play fair and behave well.

I have pride in our school (hold up a card PRIDE ) - I will represent our school outside in the community in the best way possible.

I would definitely vote for you if you made this speech!

If you want some more ideas you could look on Blurtit Here and you might like to look at this video of a Grade 6 boy making an excellent speech.  Good luck!  I hope you make it!

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