What is .076 as a fraction?


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0.076/1 Rewritten as unsimplified fraction.

***(0.076 * 10^3)/(1 * 10^3) Multiply both the numerator and denominator by 10^3.

76/1000 Multiply out the terms inside both parenthesis.

38/500 Simplify.

19/250 Simplify further.

*** = I knew to multiply by 10^3 because you needed to get rid of the decimal point in the numerator. Doing so in this problem would mean moving it three places to the right, so that it occurs right after the '6'. And since we're moving the decimal place THREE spots to the RIGHT, we must multiply by 10^3.

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19/250 Simple answer.

Some people just can't answer a simple question. I guess it makes them feel superior to give a long drawn out answer.

The question; What is .076 as a fraction?

The answer; 19/250.

Where in the question did someone ask HOW TO Convert  19/250 INTO a Fraction?

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