I would like to know how many square meters should I use for 37 pcs of 30x60cm tile?


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If each tile is 30x60 in centimeters, finding the area of one tile will give you 1800 cm^2 per tile. With 37 tiles, you could have to multiply 1800 by 37, giving you 66,600 cm^2.

Since you require the answer to be in square meters, we need to use the following conversion with the values that we already have: 1 cm^2 = 0.0001 m^2. Now we have an equation we can use to determine the exact value of square meters required.

Multiply both sides of the equation with the amount of cm^2 you have:

(66,600)(1 cm^2) = (66,600)(0.0001 m^2)

66,600 cm^2 = 6.66 m^2.

You will be needing 6 and two-thirds square meters to fill 37 pieces of 30x60 cm tiles.

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