What are 3 equivalent fractions to 7/13?


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To find out equivalent fractions to 7/13, you would need to either multiply or divide both the numerator and the denominator by the same number.

For instance, if you multiply 2 to both the 7 and the 13, you will get 14/26, which IS equivalent to 7/13. 7/13 = 14/26

You can also divide the 7 and the 13 by 2, giving us 3.5/6.5, which IS an equivalent fraction to 7/13. 3.5/6.5 =

7/13 (However I wouldn't recommend using 3.5/6.5 as an equivalent fraction to 7/13 because, although it IS true, both numbers have decimals, and decimals inside fractions can get slightly confusing.)

So like I said before, multiplying both numbers by 2 gives us 14/26, which is one fraction.

Multiplying both numbers by 3 gives us 21/39, and multiplying both numbers by 4 gives us 28/52.

So 3 fractions that are equivalent to 7/13 are 14/26, 21/39, and 28/52.

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