Determine whether or not the relation is a function. {(-3, 6), (-2, 7), (-1, 8), (0, 9)}?


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The relation {(-3, 6), (-2, 7), (-1, 8), (0, 9)} are a function because they pass the vertical line test. If a vertical line intersects a curve on an xy-plane more than once then for one value of x the curve has more than one value of y so the curve does not represent a function. If a vertical line intersects a curve only once then the curve represents a function.

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How to determine whether a relation is a function

Although the problem is slightly different to the one in the question, I recommend you check out this YouTube clip by TabletClass Math about working out whether a relation is a function.

I don't know about you, but I find it easier when these things are visually explained to me:

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