What is an awesome title for a lava lamp science fair project?


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Groovy Proj.

The word "groovy" is associated with lava lamps because of connotations with the '60s and '70s, when hippies doped up on weed and acid would admire decorative features like lava lamps will off their heads, and would call such things "groovy".

This kind of art or trippy appreciation for colors and lights was known as psychedelic because it trigger sense of euphoria or well-being in psycho-active drug users.

I would not encourage your science experiment to be associated with anything like that though.

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You could name it after a volcano, that would link in with the "lava" theme.

Here is a list of the world's largest volcanoes (by elevation) , just pick one that suits the project and that you like the sound of (most are Spanish sounding because they are all in Argentina/Chile):

  • Uturunku

  • Acamarachi

  • Socompa

  • Chachani

  • Guallatiri

Or you could just go for a famous volcano like Vesuvius.

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Lava in a bottle

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