Mr Okutani is decorating a bulletin board that is 5 dm high and 7 dm wide. He has 2 packages of border that each contain 125 cm of border. Does he have enough border to go all around the outside of the bulletin board?


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Yes, there's plenty of border to go around, and here's why:

Firstly, we want to be using the same unit of measurement - not both dm's and cm's - so let's convert those dm measurements into cm by multiplying by 10.

You get a height of 50 and a width of 70. So the square will have two sides of 50cm, and two sides of 70cm:

We can add that together to get the perimeter or border length:

50+50+70+70= 240cm

So 240cm is how much we need.

We're told Mr. Okutani has 2 packages containing 125cm of border (so 2x125 = 250)

And since 250cm is greater than 240cm, it looks like Mr. Okutani will even have border to spare!

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